What we do

With core skills focusing on software development, design, project management and production we provide a practical, user-centric software solution to respond to the urgent need to simplify information flow within organisations.

Our team draws expertise from many fields, and together with our network of close associates and advisors in industry, healthcare and academia, we have access to world-class expertise in medicine, clinical trials, computer science, complexity theory, cognitive psychology, decision making science and design thinking.

Our software products are based on modern dynamic technologies and Open Source frameworks optimised to run on mobile touchscreen devices. With our unique data definition language we can create a data flow, usability and integrations that allows us to exactly meet our clients requirements.

Focus on Healthcare

Within the healthcare system, it is acknowledged that management information systems place additional burden and constraints on health care professionals who are already feeling pressure to accomplish administrative tasks within a given time frame, in addition to providing nursing care.

Traditional approaches have consistently failed to address this problem, due in large part to an inability to consider a holistic picture of the complex information flow within such organisations and appreciation for the requirements of the end-user.