CHAI - Overview

  • CHAI mobile, is an easy to use front end data capture and processing system that helps nurses spend more time with patients and less time on admin.
  • It's user friendly, saves time and improves the patient clinician relationship and experience.
  • All activity in CHAI is audited and fully trackable, with the ability to fully integrate with existing systems.

User interface (UI) - The frontend interface is a simple, intuitive user-centred design while the backend integrates with other clinical systems to bring all relevant clinical information to the user.

Replace Paper or Work Alongside It - Our system readily allows paper based documentation systems to be turned into intuitively organised hierarchies of digital patient data, securely stored and with all user changes logged and auditable. We deeply integrate communications and task management to make teams more effective.
N.B. printing of all existing paper based forms can be replicated using CHAI to enable staged or step by step implementation of electronic systems and parallel working.

Whole Systems Approach - Our whole-system design approach is an informed creation with over 600 hours of direct Nurse contact and feedback. CHAI is a human-centred interface that reduces the time nurses spend away from the bedside on time consuming administrative tasks.

Information Retrieval - CHAI couples the ability to input or retrieve information as and when it’s needed on the fly, with integrated contextual messaging for teams and individuals, all tied to existing background and supporting systems and digital integration for the patients onwards journey.

Full Integration - CHAI integrates with your systems, pushing and pulling data where appropriate. Our experts can integrate CHAI with any information source that provides an API, such as a PAS or LIMS system.

Learning and Guidance Aid- CHAI can contextually link to other data sources throughout the nursing process, such as best practice guidance/manuals, training documents, and online resources where the information is relevant.

Complete Audit Trail
 - Accountability in Health-care is paramount. CHAI provides an audit log of every change made by every user to every piece of data and provide the resource to investigate the relevant information.

Security - CHAI takes care of security to ensure Patients data is easily and instantly accessible, but only by users involved in a patient’s care.

Scalable - CHAI interface scales between mobile devices that fit in the pocket, tablets and desktop computers allowing the use to select the most appropriate device for the task in hand. The interface is consistent across all devices.

In Brief - Our mobile touch-screen system enables us to provide timely, secure, reliable, and cost-effective support to healthcare delivery, bridging the gap between data information and knowledge. CHAI places data and context into the hands of a user at the right time, at the bedside with the patient freeing them to apply their knowledge of how best to improve the care for that patient.

CHAI was co-developed and tested on the paediatric wards of Wrexham Maelor and Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital over 2 years for BCUHB (Betsi Cadawaladr University Health Board). Showcasing technologies to deliver next generation patient care

"Working with Elidir has been great, they've listened and designed a system around how we actually work."


  • Saves Time Spending more time with patient
  • Patient Satisfaction better care and safer environment
  • Full Audit Log track changes and revisions
  • Easy to Use less effort given to admin tasks
  • Acountability tracks usage and data entry
  • Communication messaging and alerts

Technical Features

CHAI is a modern dynamic HTML5 based web application, which has been optimised to run on mobile touch-screen devices. Central to CHAI is our unique data definition language which allows us to create forms to exactly meet user requirements, including custom flows, validation and feedback.

The application speaks to a Java backend using the Dropwizard framework to provide a RESTful API and WebSocket interface over a PostgreSQL database. All actions are captured and stored using the ELK stack to create an audit trail with fast and customisable search.

Integrating with CHAI is easy. CHAI has a fully featured and secure REST API which allows 3rd party systems to input and retrieve data. If you don't want to use REST, we also develop bespoke integration modules for specific applications.

CHAI Server is the central repository for your data, and is based on a high performance JSON data store.

All activity in CHAI is audited and is fully searchable.

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